ValueMyHorse LLC is an Equine Expert Witness and Appraisal firm. Our expertise is in providing equine information, education and testimony to both defense and plaintiff from discovery through settlement or trial. We have expansive experience in equine death cases and have worked with insurance underwriters such as Zurich, Safeco, Farmer’s, just to name a few. We also have provided expertise in several cases where future loss of income was involved through the death of breeding stock. Please see the list below to review other areas of expertise.

ValueMyHorse LLC provides both consulting and testifying expertise. As a consultant, we may be asked to educate the client in all matters of the equine industry. Often attorney’s are not familiar with the equine industry, terminology, important figures, breeds, nuances, etc…. A knowledgeable consulting expert familiar with the breed and discipline can often make a huge difference in the case providing fact based information and strategy. The testifying expert must be educated in the equine industry, unflappable and knowledgeable of the breed and discipline for which they are testifying. A well researched and written opinion can often prevent the case from going to trial and result in a successful resolution.

Equine Expert Witness Expertise:

  • Buying and Selling Standards
  • Valuations
  • Standards in the Industry
  • Review of Case Material
  • Degrees of Negligence and Prevention
  • Showing and Breeding
  • Loss of Income
  • Riding Instruction and Student Standards
  • Horse and Equipment Analysis
  • Accident Analysis and Reconstruction
  • Horse Behavior
  • Horse Care, Custody and Control
  • Stable Management
  • Trail Riding
  • Safety Procedures
  • Professional Fraud and Malpractice
  • Research and recommendations for case experts

As of June 2017:

1 Bench Trial
1 Deposition
4 Open Cases
15 Opinion Reports
21 Cases Reviewed
230 Written Appraisals

Note* Have been qualified as an expert witness.