Equine Farm Design Consultant
You are going to take that step and be a first time equine farm owner, rebuild or buy a new one, or start an equine business. There’s lots to do and I want to be on your team. We service throughout the United States.

I’ve designed and built three of my own farms since 1992 and I’ve had my own breeding, boarding, appraisal and equine expert witness business. I have a keen eye for design, have a common sense approach and I know what works around horses. Horses are costly and can easily get themselves hurt, so it helps to have someone guide you through the development process that has experience. Because I’ve had experience building and designing my own farms, I’ve served as an expert witness for equine related law suits since 2001, I have my P & C Insurance License and I’m a marketing strategist, I can help you effectively and efficiently build the farm of your dreams. Let me help you think through the design and remodeling of your farm and the building of your equine business and effectively save you time and money.


We often work with other professionals in a collaborative effort, either as a project consultant or designer on your behalf, consulting with agri-land management, fencing, architectural and engineering firms, arena construction, landscaping, feed, equine equipment and farm equipment.

  • Consult before you buy (it could save you thousand and heart break!)
  • Analyzing your basic functional needs for current and future use
  • Develop a Farm Master Plan and Business Plan
  • Current and long term budget analysis
  • Work with you through property and structure design, construction and move-in
  • Provide and advise on insurance needs
  • Consulting for development of horse business or pleasure farm
  • If business, business development and marketing services

Fees: The scope of each project is unique and different. It is our policy to charge by the hour based upon the scope of the work requested. We consult on an hourly basis, but for long-term projects we develop a proposal, which is an “estimate” of hours and fees with a written contract for the services provided. Due to the unpredictable nature of elements that are not known at the beginning of a project, fees are estimates and subject to change. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.